Friday, July 30, 2010

Just a little sparkle....

Erica Conte, A friend of mine from High school and College, a super talented textile designer also has her own line of jewelry EConteDesigns that I'm totally obsessed with. I've blogged about her line before and I have a few of her stack-able rings that I seriously wear every day! I even bought a set for my mom for Mothers Day and she wears them every day as well. I also have earrings, and a necklace that I adore!  Well anyway a week ago she told me she was sending me one of her new rings that are double dipped in 18K gold. I couldn't wait! The anticipation of this package arriving was eating at me! A few days later my ring arrived and I couldn't even wait to get up to my apartment and open it so opened it in the elevator...cue GASP! I swear it was the prettiest little thing I had ever seen! So delicate, the gold was so BRIGHT and shiny, I put it on and twisted my hand in all directions so the cuts in the gold and the stone (white topaz) could sparkle. Side note: I was in the elevator with about 3 other people who all stared at me like I was a loony as I said to Quintin "OHHHH look how pretty!!!" Quintin politely responded by sitting next to the strangers with a look on his face like "mom your seriously weird and wheres my treat"

Visit Erica's Etsy shop for some of her other amazing styles! AND she will be in Soho on the corner of Greene and Prince street August 7th, 21st, and 28th, go check out her stuff! I'm thinking about selling some of my own line with her at the end of August. I'll keep you all posted!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lomography obsession!

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I've been obsessing over Lomography for sometime now (I guess this will be my next hobby- cupcakes, jewelry, and now photography?). I have been fussing with my digitals on photoshop to create an imitated look of the a Lomo shot (I'm sure you all noticed). But enough with the imitations!! I want real authentic shots!!! Ones I can develop and put up on the walls, or place in pretty little photo albums! Ones that make me feel nostalgic!!! I LOVE the energy you can feel through them and I think some art around my apartment would be a good thing!  (There's no way I can hang up any of my own art because I'll pick it apart till the day I tear it down!)  So I was  on the search for a really great lomo camera, they are all over eBay. Originally I wanted an old vintage one. The real deal, from Russia or Korea! But I've read that the originals can be fussy and parts are most certainly not easy to come by, so instead I perused Urban Outfitters and so see which one would best suit me. THERE SO MUCH TO CHOSE FROM! In the end I did not want a crazy colored one (so not like me because almost everything I get is pink!). I just wanted the feel of the authentic vintage ones so I decided on the Holga 120N in black/silver from urban outfitters (I scored it on eBay for much less than the $48.00 listed on their site!) I also felt like I would need the flash and the 35mm film converter because 120 film can be hard to come by. I got the whole kit and caboodle on eBay for $40.00!! I cant wait till it arrives! The "Boy" and I will promptly be venturing over to Coney Island for a fun filled day of photography!

The black and silver Holga 120N I purchased on eBay.

I'm also obsessing after this Diana Dreamer which is an Urban Outfitters exclusive (could NOT find it on eBay at all!) ! I think ill need to get this one too..... eventually. I'm thinking about starting a little collection! There are just so many! And they do all sorts of different things!

Anyway I hope to be posting some interesting lomo shots as soon as it arrives!

xoxo M

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The Lovely Monserrat Fernandez of FASHION BOOK did an amazing post on my jewelry line!! I'm so thrilled and thankful to her and all my other fellow blogger friends for all the positive feedback I've been getting. It's seriously amazing to me how tight knit this little blogging community can be. Everyone is so supportive and its great to have that! You guys are the best!!! Please please go visit Fashion Book, it's a fantastic blog! Great fashion tips and great articles!!! Thank you Monserrat for taking the time to write about Justina Leigh!!!

On another note, I've been out of the blogging world a bit, I can't even say it's because I've been so busy working. The boy (he hates when I call him that) and I have been doing so many things!! Beach days, dinners, brunches, concerts! All fun summer stuff, and of course in between, some real life work! I hope to be back to posting daily soon! And I have a TON of blog reading to catch up on! I just looked at my bloglovin account and WOW  there is so much I've been missing!!! I hope to get to that tonight. Here's a quick shot of John and I in Central Park at the Black Keys concert. Such a good time! Great music, great wine, great company. Cant wait to do it again!

xoxo M

Monday, July 26, 2010

New Justina Leigh Style!


This weekend I tried a few new jewelry ideas and this new bracelet is my favorite! The "JAYDEN", its a little bohemian mixed with some rocker chains! I did a few different styles with some colored threading I'll have to take pics and post soon, I've been slacking!! I also have a new necklace which is way different from my other necklaces. Its super delicate and wearable for every day. Ill post that tomorrow! And stay tuned because once I figure out how to actually use one of those give away counters there will most certainly be a give away! But here's the "JAYDEN" (I also make this style with leather strips!)


Friday, July 23, 2010


I've been a bit busy this week, hopefully next week i'll have some more time to post some of my looks! Quintin is already relaxing!!! Have a happy weekend enjoy!!!

and now he's hiding! hehe!

xoxo M

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Valerie of Beauty and the Budget did a feature on my post Cheap Thrills. I just wanted to say thank you!!! It was so nice seeing that in my inbox yesterday! I'm happy that I, as well as all the other fabulous bloggers out there can be recognized for affordable fashion. It's so important to know we don't need labels to make us fashionistas, its all about personality, and personal style and you most certainly can do that on a budget! Valerie does such a good job on her blog of pointing us in all the right directions for affordable fashion AND shes a fantastic writer. One of my must reads daily! Check her out!!

xx M

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ellen Von Unwerth for GQ Germany

Let me start by saying Lindsay Lohan happens to be one of my least fav celebs. BUT I simply adore all works by Ellen Von Unwerth and her latest editorial work for GQ Germany August 2010 is stunning! Lindsay looks flawless. I've been in love with Ellen Von Unwerth's photography since my first year at FIT when my then roommate who happened to be a photography major introduced me to her work. I even have a few snaps she took using me as a subject in a bathroom Ellen Von Unworth style. If I can find those shots I will most certainly scan and post!

I Have to give credit to Johanna of Sketchbook Six for doing a post on this spread earlier this week. I simply fell in love as I usually do with Ellen Von Unwerth's work! Here are a few of my older favs...

Friday, July 16, 2010

I'd just like to address my spelling...

OK so my boyfriend corrects my spelling ALL the time. I know it's terrible as well as my grammar. I never know what to do with commas, apostrophe's, and semi-colons, really all I know how to use are periods. Sometimes I feel like there are certain words that just look better spelled incorrectly so my creative brain I guess just wants it to look that way... or I have dyslexia. I don't know, but I'd like to apologize for my complete butchery of the written word.

Not that this should be an excuse as we learn to read and write at the age of 5 or 6, but I went to fashion school, I can sew buttons pretty damn well but if you ask me to write you a story, I might be able to make it witty and funny but it will look like a 9th grader wrote it! I'm just terrible. So I'd like to apologize for any miss spellings and grammatical errors along the way. I do try and go back and edit once I notice them! Thanks again LOVELIES (I noticed that one in my last post and went back and edited hehe).

Happy Friday lovelies!!

I'm off to a wedding weekend! Rehearsal and Dinner tonight, wedding tomorrow, Brunch and swimming at my parents on Sunday! Hope you all have an eventful weekend! xoxo M

My sisters fav of my cupcake creations - Dark chocolate cupcake filled with salted caramel topped with salted vanilla/caramel butter cream finished off with drizzled caramel! I promise when I have time I'll post my recipe, its a long one!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

BUCKETS of fun!

Just spotted this Chloe bucket bag. The bucket bag trend is growing on me big time!

Black Keys...

I've been listening to My "Black Keys" play list (thank you John! <3) on Pandora non-stop lately and today it had me feeling so retro. Blame it on "Muddy Waters" and his bluesy rock and roll vibe!! (that added to the bottle of wine we finished last night haha)

H&M high waisted super wide leg jeans - purchased 4 years ago, found buried with tons other old stuff!

Forever 21 silk blouse - Purchased earlier this spring not sure the price

Mulberry Alexa Bag - Purchased on eBay

Zara Wooden shoes - $69.00 on sale!

Belt - Thrift Store find - $3.00

Jewelry - Justina Leigh "Hendrix" necklace, "Monte" bracelet, and "Charlie" bracelet - Made by me!

Ring - Gift from my mom bought in - Turks and Caicos

I'm so glad everyone is loving my looks! All you lovelies have been making my day, everyday!!!

xoxox M

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Black and Blue

I spotted this perfect little jacket at H&M last week and just had to have it! It's perfect for the office without feeling too stuffy. It also has a bit of drama to it with the light shoulder padding and shirring up at the shoulders. And while I still do love the boyfriend jacket I felt in major need of an update, the cropped mini jacket is just that! They had it in black and cobalt blue. I immediately wanted the cobalt for weekend affairs and black for a less dramatic statement during the work week. So I said what I always say "if you think its nice buy it twice" (when it comes to deals of course and this jacket was only about $35.00)

I wore it with my H&M Skinny jeans which are my absolute favorite. I have them in regular waist, low waist, and super dark wash as well. They fit amazing and at approx $40.00 they are well worth it! The style is called "&SQIN" - SLIM LEG  in case anyone wants to go try them on. Last fall I stopped buying expensive name brand jeans/pants and H&M has been my go to spot for a great fit and great washes.

I also wore my Forever 21 Tee that reminded me of one of my fav tee brands "Wildfox" but it only cost me $12.90. Also my Forever21 shoes.

Last but not least my Justina Leigh "Monte" bracelet makes yet another cameo. I added an "M" charm because they finally came in the mail and I love the personalization! I've been thinking about doing a giveaway for one of the Justina Leigh bracelets, was wondering if anyone thought that would be a good idea? I also would have no idea how to do a give away! How does one choose who to give it to? How do I use one of those little random trackers?... I guess I'm not as tech savvy as I thought! haha

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cheap Thrills

Sometimes even the cheapest of outfits can be glamorous!

Dress - Heritage 1981 (forever21) $28.90

Shoes - Forever21 - Found on bottom of closet- price unknown

Leather Belt - Vintage - Thrift store find $8.00

Necklace - Justina Leigh - Made by me

Feeling super girlie and Glam and totally un-cheap - Priceless!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Leather Love Story...

I've been having a weird obsession lately with thick hardcore leather backpacks, messengers and briefcases. I Stumbled upon the Saddleback Leather company on my on line search for a great fall bag and I have to say I'm super impressed!! These bags look amazing and while a $600 price tag may seen expensive in reality its not when you compare it to Muberry (which quite frankly probably knocked them off) at $1200 and up a pop and when you see the workmanship that goes into the bags.  They even offer a 100 yr warranty! Aside from the love affair I'm having over these bags I got extremely teary eyed over the Their Story. Please please read it!! It might be my case of emotional PMS but it's inspiring and tear jerking ( what girl doesn't love a tear jerker) From his dog, to finding his wife who he refers to as "hot" on myspace. The story alone could get me to be a loyal customer because I feel like I know him now! I love that feeling!  I'll definitely be investing one soon! (but I'll save for it I promise no more huge splurges!!).

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