Thursday, April 29, 2010

Well Hello Sailor.....

I'm shoe obsessed and tend to go for the less traditional ones sometimes, and these are just that!!! Photo Credit: Fancy PhotoshopI'm loving the nautical trend this spring and when I spotted these by Nine West I had to have them! With simple slouchy ripped jeans and a clean white tee they look ridiculously cute!! They truly evoke the pin-up girl in me! Ahhh what an era!!

Terrace Lovin'...

Or just plain old backyard lovin'. But being a city gal we usually have terraces and not backyards. If you have one, GLAM IT UP! I fell for this faux wooden outdoor flooring from Ikea recently when taking a gander over at my neighbors terrace and it just looked so homey over there! (props to B409!) So I decided to hijack the design detail!! They are super easy to install, they just sorta click together and they are super cheap; $34.99 for the pack of nine. I only needed 5 1/2 Packs. Not bad!! Here's a snap shot of my finished terrace. I seriously want to spend every minute out there now! Way more glamorous than gray cement!xx M


IS DELIC!!! Had lunch today with my bestie and what a great lunch it was. I used my deal purchased at Living Social Deals (sign up its free!) and what a good deal it was!! I paid $15 for a $30 meal value and here's what we had:Chicken, Avocado and dill sandwich on whole grain bread with cranberries and nuts baked in. Consensus: Id give it a 4 out of five taking one point off for the bread being a bit on the over baked side other than that fantastic!Hazelnut/coconut Soy Latte for word AMAZING. I want one everyday !!!Coffee with soy milk for Nikki. I didn't have the pleasure of tasting the coffee but I'm sure it was a 5!Chocolate/Banana crepe to share. AMAZING! We actually ordered the Hazelnut/Chocolate crepe but they made a mistake...sometimes mistakes turn out to be for the best and so it was! we were in heaven!I'll def be back to soy cafe again! Hopefully this weekend!!!Soy Cafe115 Greenwich ave.NY, NYxx M

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Feeling like a princess....

Seriously chivalry is NOT dead! Nothing can make a girl feel more glamorous than compliments and little acts of kindness and getting flowers at work is prob the best kind!! Honestly we can ALL admit when you have a big bouquet sitting on your desk at work and every girl stops by to ask who they are from secretly hoping to hear "My mom" or "my Dad" or "the mail man" but getting to say "from a special someone" is slightly more than thrilling. And whether or not these fellow Chicas are a teeny bit green with envy or not doesn't matter because all you know is that for right now, for the week that these flowers sit there smelling like spring time causing everyone to turn, your special! <3 My Beautiful Bouquet sitting on my desk at work....What a perfect day! :)